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Lemon, Watermelon, Lime, Blue Vanilla, Blue Raspberry,

Rootbeer, Rainbow USA, Grape & Coconut, cotton candy. cry baby.

WINTER HOURS..            

Our Hours are...

Closed on Mondays

Tuesday - Thursday 2:00-6:00

Friday & Saturday 12:00-7:00

Sunday 12:00-3:00 Pick ups (or until orders are picked up)

If you have a question and we are closed please email

pieceahcake@yahoo.com or comment on our Facebook page  Piece ah Cake

**Time subject to change in the off Season


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                                           Let us Create & Customize your next Cake

Welcome to Piece “ah” Cake

Where were getting what you want….. Is exactly that, A Piece of Cake!

We are much more than an Ice cream shop.~ & Much more than a traditional Bakery.

We offer something for everyone.

At Piece "ah" Cake we cater to you! we want you to enjoy every bite of your dessert!

We Have over 28 flavors of Ice Cream, over a dozen fillings

***See the Ice cream Page for flavors and fillings available***

We offer Moist Gold and Chocolate cake. to add to your ice cream or as a traditional cake.

You chose your favorites!!!  Mix and match to create your ultimate dessert .

Why not fill one of our delicious cookies and fill it with your favorite ice cream!!! You can choose a Vanilla or Chocolate cupcake and we will fill it with your favorite  ice cream and top it with whipped cream and your favorite candy!!     We really do cater to what you want!

Bring a dessert everyone will be talking about! All our Ice cream cakes are made with Richardson Ice cream. Sorry No soft serve here.

All our Cannolis and filled treats are Hand filled with Richardsons creamy Ice cream NO soft serve filled treats Here we use only the BEST!

Visit us today and let us create an unforgettable dessert made just for you

or grab one of our unique and delicious cakes ready for you.

  email us at pieceahcake@yahoo.com

From cake to Ice Cream we Have it all!!

grab a group of friends and enjoy our Blizzard of "78"

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